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This is a shoot I did for Salence Outerwear. We took a cinematic approach to this shoot, storyboarding the shoot and making the decision to instead of taking a color correction approach to post production, instead take a color grading approach used in cinema. 

Stylist - Seth Friedermann

Folks who know me can tell you I have a very involved process when shooting. This is especially true of editorial and advertising spreads. Secretly I always wanted to be Stanley Kubrick. I want to make incredible films. Obviously I have not a single clue how to do that but do take an approach to editorials that I have learned from film making. That is the "storyboard" concept.

Now I am no illustrator. I will never get a sketch into a museum. That said I do plan my shoots when doing an editorial using storyboards. I create a virtual shot list that will tell the story I'm looking to tell via these sketches. So in this post I will share three storyboard sketches with you all. The story is called "Raygun". It was something I've been wanting to shoot for a while, but just haven't gotten around to actually doing. Maybe one day I will....

While freelancing for WWD prior to that outlets purchase by PMC, I had the honor of shooting what few knew at the time would be Ralph Rucci's final collection for the brand that bore his name. Shortly after that show Ralph would step away from his brand. I wish I had known myself, I would have tried harder to get even better shots.

That day I spent most of the time prior to the show speaking to my friend Jonas about his adventures as a much smaller giant in a Formula Ford running around Spa and saying hello and discussing food as usual with Rosina. I think we spoke briefly about eggplants and anchovies.

One day maybe I'll discuss how much I'm in awe of Ralph. He's always been cordial and pleasant, and honestly he never really needed to be to me. Whenever I meet him I remember a scene from Babylon 5 where G'Kar talks to an archaeologist on how an ancient race near some world does not even register the nearby humans in so much as to them we are but mere ants. Something far beneath even their subconscious notice. In truth I feel like the ant in that story whenever I meet him.

Here is a little of what I saw that day on September 6th, 2014. From what I can tell from hints he has dropped on his FaceBook he is working on something new. I can't wait to see what this Giant who walks among us will do next.

Backstage #ralphrucci #nyfw

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